Grab your sneakers

Published September 10, 2010 by Laura S

The American Heart Association is hosting the 2010 Heart Walk this Saturday, September 11. You+Dallas’s own Molly Nolan has been lobbying with the American Heart Association for over 5 years. Diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at a young age, Molly now has a big (and strong) heart for AHA. A member of the state advocacy board, she has given speeches for Go Red for Women, and attended Lobby Day in DC. So why are AHA and You+Dallas teaming up? AHA’s Communications Director South Central Affiliate, Claire Kinzy, and Molly have known each other for quite some time. “We saw each other recently during a PSA taping for the Start! Heart Walk on WB 33. She calls me when she needs something because she knows I'll say yes,” Molly says with a laugh. "After the PSA taping, we parted with an, 'I love you, goodbye!'". Claire saw You+Dallas’s in-studio video and thought a video capturing the Heart Walk from start to finish would be a great way to show people around the country what the walk should look like. And not without reason: Dallasites, love your city even more. We are home to the largest Heart Walk in the nation, and have raised over $2.5 million dollars in donations for the walk (the goal is $3.5 million). You+Dallas will be filming live during the walk, and the video will provide a training tool for other affiliates around the country so each event can be as prosperous and well done as it is in the Big D. “It’s a fun day of festivities for the whole family,” Molly says. “There’s going to be a heart ride where kids can actually go through an artery, which is kinda cool. And Wii will be played on the big screens at Victory Park.” If a lifesize artery and giant Wii aren’t reason enough to come show your support, here’s a little tidbit to get your blood pumping: Roger Staubach is the honorary chairman. Ready to throw on your sneakers yet? With a pair of Nike’s in hand, Molly adds, “Everybody has a heart, so we should get out and support it.”

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